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This is what I got! : 1970s

Omg, this quiz is psychic! I'm actually listening to the '70s right now: David Gates :D "Goodbye Girl"
The "I'm feeling lucky" radio that's based on the artists & songs I listen to is playing 1970s for me :)

"If you are young in this century, you are considered an "old soul". People of the 70s can go anywhere between coo-coo disco and sweet and calm guitar playing. The 70s were where everything started to change. Black Sabbath came in, introducing heavy metal, and the Beatles ended, causing a lot of sadness in teenagers and young adults of the age. To find an old soul like yourself, pay attention to peoples' styles. Look for someone wearing a 70s band t-shirt or a modern hippy. (you may find this in Urban Outfitters)
Music: Queen, Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, The Who, Elton John, Foreigner, Journey, Boston"
I got the 50s! Figures... LOL

Candy O! So Cool that you were listening to '70s songs and the Quiz gave you the 1970s!!  :-)

Sadie! The 50's Really Fits you!! The Quiz got it right on!! :-)

I got the 1960's   ;-)

You should be in the 1960s! This time was full of great new things. Girls went crazy over The Beatles and even fainted at the sight of them. The clothing girls wore were starting to get a bit more showy and guys started falling for that more. Young people of today who like the 60s are considered old souls. Look for someone wearing a Beatles t-shirt, a high wasted bathing suit, or anything that looks 60s ish or even hippyish.

Music: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, The Doors, Elvis Presley, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan

Right On!! Cool Quiz!!   :-)

Haha! Lucky BeatleBob! Even The Beatles are on your '60s collage! :D It seems for me that whenever I change the candy I choose, I start to belong to a different decade! Hahaha.

Candy O!  LOL!! Yeah, I Love it that The Beatles were on the 60's collage!!  :-)

re: "It seems for me that whenever I change the candy I choose, I start to belong to a different decade! Hahaha."

LMAO!!!!!!!!!  ;-)

Have a FAB Day My Friend!!  :-D

What is Your 60's Anthem?

"Hey Jude" - The Beatles (1968)
Not only the pinnacle of The Beatles' compositional talents but one of the finest song's ever written - the melodic "Hey Jude" is your 60s Anthem! The ultimate love song disguised as a ballad of overcoming fear & doubt, your romantic soul and idealistic dreams are encapsulated within the iconic measures of this timeless classic. Optimism burns fiercely within your heart, and you are truly skilled with seeing the best in everyone.

 photo IMG_20141213_200907_zpst0xo4l31.jpg

I Liked Both of yours!!! :-) I Got:

"Come Together" - The Beatles (1969)

An edgy and aggressive compilation that also happens to be a masterpiece of psychedelic rock, your 60's Anthem is "Come Together"! Masterminded by John Lennon, the uniquely darker tone and in-your-face composition of this classic song represent a soul who never gives up, and never backs down from a fight. You may be stubborn, but it's hard to argue with someone who's always right, isn't it?

This was Fun!!  :-)

Have a FAB Day My Friends!!  :-)

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