Yes, a "General Discussion" area already exists on this site...

But even that got a bit too crowded! 

So behold, yet another space to talk!

( I hope nobody minds this and understands my reason for doing so. I just find it somewhat complicated and confusing to continue bits of conversation in the comment section of several different pictures! Do you know what I mean? Hopefully this will make things easier for everyone, as it does for me!)

Enjoy!!! :-)

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I Really Like that Turtles song too!! Yeah, you really don't hear it on the radio often!! They usually play the Hits like "Happy Together", etc! Yeah, that Cheerleader song IS funny and cute!! ;-) I like Paul Petersen too. :-)

You watched the whole Donna Reed Show Season 4 this week, just to see Him? LOL!!!!!! ;-) I would have watched it just to see Donna Reed!!! LOL!! ;-) So, I understand!! ;-)

Ya know, I tried that and I Still didn't hear the dogs barking!!! LOL!! Maybe I'm loosing my hearing? LOL!! Really!! For your First podcast you did a Great Job!! And any imperfections sure Aren't that big of a deal!!! You're Welcome for letting you know about some things you might need to work on!! Good!!! No more song chopping!! You'll just have to pick out 30 minutes worth of music from now on. I can imagine you wanted to play even more!! ;-) But you're 30 minutes were up already. :-( But yeah, at least that saves you some more songs for your Next Week Show!! :-) I'm Sure each podcast will get Better and Better as you do them!!! GREAT!! I look forward to your Next Show!!  :-)

Sadie! You have a New Private Message Today! :-)

Have a FAB Day and a FAB Weekend!!! I probably Won't be online again Tomorrow! Have the weekly Laundry Fun etc to do. :-( But, will catch up on Sunday!!! :-)

Beatlebob, I hope you're not losing your hearing! But the dog barking is not that obvious, and I'm actually glad you still don't notice it! LOL!!! Yes, I love The Donna Reed Show!!! It's one of my favorite shows ever! And I can understand why some guys liked to watch it just to see her and Shelley! ;-) 

Wow! Saturday is my laundry day too! Weird coincidence!! So I'll see you back on Sunday or whenever! :-)

I responded to your private message! And I'm working on a new podcast already!

It should be done sometime this weekend! Enjoy!!! :-)

Hi Sadie!! :-)

Re: Sadie
"Does anyone here have all 21 episodes of "Pop Goes The Beatles"? I can only find four so far. Love it! It's not often mentioned how The Beatles had their own radio show! It's probably not as well known because it was originally broadcast in England."

I found this link:

There are Four Videos in the Link that has All of the "Pop Go the Beatles Episodes".
Hope you can Record them!! Enjoy!! :-)
Have a FAB Week My Friend!!  :-)
I Miss You!!

Thanks Beatlebob! That's actually the four videos I came across on YouTube yesterday when I asked that question on our Beatles site, but thinking they were just four episodes, I didn't listen to them yet.  So it's actually the complete series just spread out in between four parts? Thank you for letting me know that! And I appreciate your help! Have a fab day! :-)

You're Welcome Sadie!!! :-) Yeah, it's actually the complete series just spread out in between four parts!! :-) Glad I Could Help!!! Thanks!! You have a FAB Day Too My Friend!! :-)

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