Retro References in Modern Media (Movies, Music, & More!)

What have you heard, read, or watched that references anything retro lately!? :) Share it with us!

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Cool idea for a topic! I remember we had a Beatles references one like this before on our Beatles site. :-)

I recently watched a horror movie called "The Ward" which takes place in a mental facility in the 1960s and in one scene all the crazy girls are dancing to a '60s song called "Run Baby Run" by The Newbeats. Funny!

(I've played that tune on my podcast show before!)

I Agree!!! Cool idea for a topic!! :-) Yeah, I remember we had a Beatles references one like this before on our Beatles site too!! :-)

Cool!!! Sadie, that one scene sounded Funny in that Movie you recently watched!! ;-) And that's Cool that you played that tune on your podcast show before, as well!! :-)

Off hand I can't really think of any Retro references I've seen lately. But, when I hear, watch, or read something, I'll be sure to post it here!!!

How about You, Candy O? Any Retro references lately?

TV Ads using John Lennon's Imagine: Imagine Commercial  - Beautiful commercial about the potential of the world through a child's perspective.

Every good thing that has ever been achieved began with an idea—a dream that something better is actually possible. Skeptics likely doubted, friends wondered, and still the idea survived. Our society depends upon ordinary people to think the extraordinary--someone to simply ask, even in the face of criticism, why not? Could a cure for an incurable disease exist, how far is too far to travel, can children's hunger be alleviated, can everyone get a good education? John Lennon's "Imagine" provides a thoughtful and inspiring backdrop for you to Imagine... the Possibilities.

Anti-Defamation League TV Commercial, 'Imagine' Song by John Lennon.

A commercial with a retro cover song:

Pleasantville was a movie I liked that brought you back in time! :-)

Impressed by high school student David's (Tobey Maguire) devotion to a 1950s family TV show, a mysterious television repairman (Don Knotts) provides him with a means to escape into the black-and-white program with his sister, Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon). While David initially takes to the simplistic, corny world of the show, Jennifer sets about jolting the characters with doses of reality that unexpectedly bring a little color into their drab existence.
Initial release: September 17, 1998

Thought you might like these Retro Themes ;-)

I recommend Disney's "Teen Beach Movie" and "Teen Beach 2". Both are currently on Netflix streaming.

It's a cute throwback to 1960s beach musicals and involves time travel. Corny but enjoyable! LOL! :-)


LOL I like those retro sounding songs! :-D

There's also a Disney show called "Liv & Maddie" starring one girl with a camera trick that makes her twins.

That reminds me of "The Patty Duke Show" and the original "The Parent Trap".

Yes I still enjoy some stuff aimed towards children and teens eventhough I'm not that young anymore! LOL!!! ;-)

(Here's a funny clip of "LIv & Maddie" which is also on Netflix streaming) 



Beatlebob, thanks for the private message!

I'll post it as a public comment...


Hey Sadie! 
re: "Yes, what's the point in watching a silent movie version of "Give My Regards To Broadstreet"?"
Really!!!! LOL!!!!!! :-(

You checked out that part of the Movie with the audio track Muted?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Sure you got a kick out of seeing Paul frozen in ice singing "Silly Love Songs" with NO Audio!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I'm Glad you watched the Shea Stadium video on August 15th!! :-) Before it got removed!!! It was just a day or two after that when it got taken down from Vimeo!! :-(

I've seen so many videos get removed from YouTube, as well as DailyMotion and Vimeo before I got a chance to watch them too!!! It IS Very Frustrating!!! :-( I see the same thing happened to you so many times at those sites!! Including Netflix, Hulu, and Warner Bros streaming, etc., as well!!! It's So Frustrating as it is, and You have to pay for NetFlix, Hulu,and Warner Bros streaming, etc., which makes it even more Frustrating when that happens!!! :-( That's Terrible!!! 

I wish those copyright people would calm down too!!! :-( Really? "Leave It To Beaver" was recently removed from Netflix streaming too?? I could imagine you were devastated when that happened, since it was your favorite thing to watch on there!!!! :-( I'm Sorry to hear it!! Yeah, now you'll have to Buy the DVD's like I did!!! ;-) 

I Hate when all these movies and clips get removed!!! Unfortunately I doubt those copyright people will calm down anytime soon, if at all!!!! :-(

Yeah, I never heard of that "Bruno" bot on our Beatles site either till Virginia sent me that message!!! LOL!! I did tell Virginia yesterday! I wrote this on her page:
"Hi Virginia Abreu de Paula, no I'm not the Supervisor here. BeatleGirl / Annalina Lennon McCartney is! I'm Sorry to hear you received that scam here! I just looked to see if Bruno Serra is a member here. But, I couldn't find his name in the members section? Maybe somehow this person hacked into the site?? Unfortunately BeatleGirl / Annalina Lennon McCartney has been away for a few weeks? I haven't seen her here. I'd suggest you send the same message you sent me, to her on her profile page. Hopefully she will know what to do! I don't have any way of doing anything about this! I'm just a Member here! Have a Good Weekend!!"

Maybe BeatleGirl already banned Bruno Serra from BAR?? Since I didn't see his name in the members section. Who knows?

Luckily it hasn't bothered you or me yet!! YES, I really hope BeatleGirl returns soon too!!!!

You're Welcome for letting you know that Tony Sokol posted two more new links!! I Hope you Enjoyed them!! They were Really COOL!! :-) 

I Enjoyed the Pictures and Videos you posted of "Teen Beach Movie"! A throwback to 1960s beach musicals and involves time travel. Sounds Cool and Cute!! :-) I liked those Retro sounding songs in the videos too!! :-)

The Disney show called "Liv & Maddie" starring one girl with a camera trick that makes her twins sounds Cute too!! Yeah, I guess it's kind of like "The Patty Duke Show"! :-)

I enjoyed the Pics and the Videos you posted!! Thanks!! Certainly a Retro Feel to them!! :-) 

I Hope RS gets working again!! Maybe they were doing maintenance on their servers?

Anyway, will try again Tomorrow!! 

Have a FAB Day My Friend!!! 

BeatleBob  :-)

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