Here you can pay little tributes to the musicians and actors that have passed away.

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Hey Sadie! Hope All is going Alright with You! Have you seen this on Showtime yet?

Hope we can catch up Soon! Have a FAB December My Friend! :-)

STILL ON THE RUN: THE JEFF BECK STORY On "Showtime". A documentary. And on Showtime On Demand.

"Jeff Beck has always been a risk taker, on an endless quest for fresh and challenging new sounds. Bending notes and filtering a myriad of musical inspirations, he will continue to inspire fans and musicians alike by giving voice to his guitar in the most unexpected ways."

I recommend seeing this! You have to watch the whole thing to really appreciate it! He is a Great innovator when it comes to getting great sounds from the guitar! If you haven't already seen it, give it a try!! I watched it 7 times already this past week! LOL!!

Hey Beatlebob! I've been alright, just busy with Christmas coming up soon! No I haven't seen that documentary yet. Thanks for letting me know about it! I will watch it on Showtime soon! I really like The Yardbirds & The Jeff Beck Group! I also know some of his solo stuff too. He is very talented! Thanks for sharing those videos too. Awesome! Thank you for commenting me back on all the Ricky photos you shared for my birthday! I really appreciate you re-editing some old collages for me and taking the time to find and post all those Ricky photos too! Thanks again!!! :-)

I noticed you also wished Candy O. a Happy Birthday eventhough she probably doesn't even look at the sites anymore. Her absence still feels weird after talking to her for about 8 years or so. It was very strange at first with her being gone but I've learned to get used to it by now. I still wish she wouldn't have given up on us and the sites, or at least gave us an explanation as to why she did! Oh well... I'm glad to still have you, BeatleNut9, Mike Pell, and Anthony Cappucci as active participants on the Beatles site! And I'm glad it and this Retro site are still around. Hopefully they will both remain up and running in 2019! :-) 

Did you hear about the new Class of 2019 inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame? I'm so glad The Zombies finally got in! I can't wait to watch the ceremony on HBO next year! Congratulations to...

  • Def Leppard
  • Devo
  • Janet Jackson
  • John Prine
  • Kraftwerk
  • LL Cool J
  • MC5
  • Radiohead
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Roxy Music
  • Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
  • Stevie Nicks
  • The Cure
  • The Zombies
  • Todd Rundgren

Aww I am very saddened to hear about the passing of actress/director Penny Marshall. I loved her as "Laverne" on "Laverne & Shirley". She passed away peacefully from complications due to Diabetes at her home on Monday the 17th, aged 75. RIP.

I thought Bush would be the last death of 2018 but sadly no! Rest In Peace Laverne! :-(

I hope you and your mother have been doing alright! Hopefully her dental problems will all be taken care of soon and it won't cost a fortune afterall! Hope your re-cert will be fine too! Wow, it's hard to believe that a new year is just around the corner! This year went by fast. I can't say 2018 was a good year for me, but at least it wasn't as bad as 2017. I know there were some tough things you had to deal with in 2018 too. Let's hope 2019 will be much better for the both of us! You don't even have to share any more holiday Photoshops this year if you don't feel like it. I understand! Happy New Year, my friend! and Merry Christmas too! :-) 

Hey Sadie! It's Great to hear from you again! I'm So Glad you've been alright! Just busy with Christmas coming up soon. You're Welcome for letting you know about The Jeff Beck documentary!! Glad that you will watch it on Showtime soon!! :-) I see you really like The Yardbirds & The Jeff Beck Group! And you also know some of his solo stuff too. He sure is Very Talented!! So, you should Enjoy that documentary when you see it! You're Welcome for sharing those videos here too! :-) I was Glad to comment you back on all the Ricky photos I posted for your birthday!!! I really Enjoyed your comments!! Thanks!! :-) And you're also Welcome for re-editing some of the old collages for you, while also posting those Ricky photos too!!! Was Glad to do that for you!! So Glad you Enjoyed them!! :-)

Yeah, since you wished Candy O a Happy Birthday, I figured I would too. Yes, even though she probably doesn't even look at the sites anymore, I figured it was worth a try. I'm sure her absence still feels weird for you, after talking to her for about 8 years or so!! You knew her longer than I did!! Sure was very Strange at first with her being gone!! But, I'm Glad you learned to get used to it by know!! Was Strange for me too!! But, for a good while now I've got used to it being that way too! I also Still wished she wouldn't have given up on Us and the Sites!!! And I also wish she would have at least given us an explanation as to why she did!!! But, what can we do? We tried!! I'm Also Glad I Still have YOU!!! :-) And Glad that BeatleNut9, Mike Pell, and Anthony Cappucci are still active participants on the Beatles site!!! I haven't had to chance to visit there lately. But, will do so when I can! I'm also So Glad that This Site and the Beatles site are still around!!! I'm also Hoping they will both remain up and running in 2019!!! :-)

Yes, I did hear about the new Class of 2019 inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!! I Think You posted the 2019 inductees a while back on this site!! :-) But, Thanks for posting all of This again for me!!! :-) I'm also So Glad The Zombies finally got in!!! :-) Way over due!!! I think they Should have been inducted YEARS ago!! Better late than never! I also like a few of the other inductees! But, The Zombies are my Favorite of the bunch!!

Thanks so much for posting THIS and the Very Nice picture of Penny Marshall!! I also was Sad to hear about her passing!! I seen it on the TV news. I'm sure you were Very saddened to hear about her passing too!! :-( I used to Really Like the "Laverne & Shirley" show too!! She was Great as "Laverne"!! At least she passed away peacefully at her home!! Sad that it was from complications due to Diabetes, though!! RIP!

Yes, we were Hoping that Bush would be the last death of 2018 but sadly no!! Rest In Peace Laverne! :-(

Thanks for Hoping that my Mother and I have been doing alright!! I took her to that new Dentist and he tightened up the end clamps on her lower bridge!! I Hope it will hold up!! And that she won't need a new one made!! I Hope!! But, that's all he did! He just looked inside her mouth and said her everything looks to be alright. And tightened up the end clamps on her lower bridge. And charged her $90 for just doing that!! Expensive!!! Thanks for Hoping my re-cert will be fine too!! They received my re-cert in the beginning of October! I called yesterday and they are Still working on it!!! :-( I go through this Crap with them every year!! The lady said if I don't receive anything from them in the mail by the end of the first week of January, that I can call that phone number again on January 4th., to find out the status that my re-cert is in!! So, who knows when I'll have coverage in 2019??? :-( Will have to stay after them!!! I took that Lung Cancer screening Cat Scan. And got the results back on my computer from that website at the hospital. At least I don't have Lung Cancer!! At the bottom of the results it said: We are pleased to inform you that the results of your recent Lung Cancer Screening imaging are benign (not lung cancer). We will send you a letter to remind you to make your next appointment next year. RECOMMENDATION: Continue annual screening with low dose chest CT in 12 months. BUT, there are some things in the results I want to look further into with my MD!! Such as:
HEART AND VESSELS: The heart is normal in size. There are atherosclerotic calcifications of the aorta. There is no pericardial effusion.
**"Aortic valve calcification is a condition in which calcium deposits form on the aortic valve in the heart. These deposits can cause narrowing at the opening of the aortic valve. This narrowing can become severe enough to reduce blood flow through the aortic valve — a condition called aortic valve stenosis."
UPPER ABDOMEN: Images of the upper abdomen demonstrate the patient is status post gastrojejunostomy and vagotomy. There are calcified abdominal lymph nodes.
**"Will have to look into This"?
BONES AND SOFT TISSUES: There are degenerative changes of the spine. The soft tissues are unremarkable.
**"Osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis of the spine".
The ** are things I looked up online. I want to find out more about These Things!! But, my MD is booked up till mid January. And I Still don't know When I'll have my re-cert coverage yet. As soon as I Hopefully get my 2019 Medicaid Coverage, I'll set up an appointment to see my MD about the Results!! DAMN Medicaid always screws me up when it comes to my re-cert!!! So, will just have to wait!!! SUCKS!!! :-(

YES!! It's hard to believe that a new year is just around the corner!!! This year sure went by fast!! I know that 2018 wasn't that good of a year for you!!! And I know that 2017 was Surely a Very Bad year for you!!! :-( And we both know that I had to deal with some very tough things in 2018!! YES!!! Let's Hope that 2019 will be a Much Better year for the Both of Us!!!!! Am Hoping, My Friend!!!! As soon as I find some time, I'll Try to share some more holiday Photoshops this year!!!!! If I can't Thanks for understanding!!! But, I'll Try!!!

Thank You So Much!!!! I Hope You have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too, My Friend!!!! :-)

It was Great hearing from you!!! I Hope we can catch back up again sometime SOON!!!!! I Wish YOU All the Best, as Always!!! :-)

RIP Pete Shelley

Lead singer of the band "The Buzzcocks" dies at age 63

RIP Honey Lantree

Member of the 1960s group "The Honeycombs" has died at age 75.

I love their song "Have I The Right?" and have that vinyl record.

I thought they were a really unique band for having a female drummer, especially in the early 60s.

I don't know much about The Buzzcocks band other than a few songs. I like "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" and "What Do I Get?"  Sad news. Rest In Peace to both!

Hey Beatlebob! Thanks for sharing some Christmas themed photos. I enjoyed all of them! I tried to post a few vintage Christmas / New Years themed pictures myself but the site kept having glitches and they wouldn't go through! I tried a few times before finally giving up. Oh well. I finally got around to watching the Jeff Beck documentary! It was great! Thanks again for the recommendation! I noticed you shared some new stuff over at the Beatles site too. I wish I had more time to participate in both sites but I have been extremely busy lately and will be next year too! I can't comment on all your pictures right now but I did look at all of them and enjoyed every single one! I noticed this topic has 40 pages now! WOW!!! Sadly so many people have passed away in this 2010's decade. Hard to believe 2020 is just around the corner! The deaths that saddened me the most this decade were definitely David Cassidy and Davy Jones! And there were so many others that broke my heart as well! It's still hard to believe so many legendary people are no longer with us! :-(

Thanks for letting me know about all your health results! I actually enjoy reading all that health stuff, as it's my goal to become a registered nurse one day! Hopefully that damn Medicaid won't screw up this time during your re-cert! Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful 2019! You don't have to share any more seasonal pictures or Photoshops because I'll be taking a break from the Internet. I probably won't be back until mid February or so! I hope you understand! I just have so many appointments to deal with at the beginning of next year. I'm really gonna miss you! Wishing you all the best too!

Have a FAB New Year, my friend! :-)

Sadie! All I had time for today was post a couple of pictures. I Wish You the Best With Everything and Hope You Have a Much Better New Year!!!
Will reply to what you said here as soon as I can!!
Hope we can catch up as soon as possible!!
All My Best To You, My Friend!! :-)

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