Here you can pay little tributes to the musicians and actors that have passed away.

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October 4, 1970, 43 years ago Janis Joplin dies of an accidental heroin overdose. So sad.

Very sad indeed! She was so cool!

I thought you said you didn't listen to her much, Candy O? LoL I haven't heard much of her material yet either. Just a few songs. My favorite so far is "A Woman Left Lonely". I really need to listen to more of her stuff.

RIP Janis!!!!

Yes, So Sad!! :-(( I love her performances at the Monterey Pop Festival!!! Ball & Chain was Awesome!! She had a lot of other Great songs too. She was one of a kind!

I think I know that song! I also know "Piece Of My Heart", "Me & Bobby McGee", "Down On Me" "Mercedes Benz", and probably some others! But like I said before, I really need to check out more of her stuff when I have more free time! What an amazing voice! :-)

All of those songs you mentioned I Really Like too! Yes, what an Amazing Voice she had!! :-)

It is with the greatest of sadness that Jay and The Americans announce the passing of John "Jay" Traynor (the first & original Jay) this morning in Florida. HIs voice on our first hit record, "She Cried" & subsequent album are a fabulous testimony to his fantastic vocal style. He will be missed by all of us. To quote Jay Reincke (Jay #3) "If not for him there wouldn't be a Jay 2 or 3".
It was most fortunate that we just played with Jay Siegel's Tokens of which he was a member two weeks ago in Pittsburgh and got to say goodbye.
RIP Binky

I seen Jay and the Americans in early 1973. With Jay Black who was the second ''Jay'' of Jay and the Americans. Doing the songs ''This Magic Moment'', 'Cara Mia'', and others.
RIP John "Jay" Traynor!

R.I.P. Phil Everly :(

Omg! I didn't know the lead singer from Jay and The Americans died! I love that group!!!

And I was surprised to find out one of The Everly Brothers died, because I was just listening to them about 2 days ago! :-O  Maybe I was predicting the future! :-(   I love that duo too!!!

Yes, it's Sad that Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers died too!! I Really Liked them too!!! :-(

R.I.P. Phil Everly   :-(

RIP Shirley Temple!

Aww, I was very sad to hear this! Love her!!! :',-(

I was too! I loved her in her old movies! :-(

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