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Since I dislike August so much, and I wish July was longer,

then today, I deem it July 33rd... 2012 :] or "1962". Haha.

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I'm So Sorry this happened Sadie!!! :-(

Did the "Post Office" Say they can't refund you because it was supposedly "delivered"?? If was supposedly "delivered", the person you bought it from might have put the Wrong Address on the package? And someone else got it? Or, just Maybe it got lost in the mail? I Hope this can be straightened out somehow!! I at least Hope you can get your money back!!!!  :-(((

re:"I read today that John's murderer was denied parole again on Friday for the 8th time."

I heard about it on the news too!!! YAY!!!!!

re:"I'm glad they included "Those who loved the victim". That's us! Fans who will forever be hurt over what this PIG did!!!"

That's For Sure!!!!!!!!!!!

From you posted here, He Sure Sounds INSANE and like he was Possessed!!! I Wouldn't want to see anything further on This too!!!! He Makes Me SICK!!! I Really Don't think he will ever get out of prison!!

Re:" But if that day ever comes, he better watch out for us!

We'll be right outside the jail waiting in anticipation! ;-) "

LOL!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!

Lmao yes! I hate the post office now almost as much as I hate MDC! LOL!!!

LMAO!!!!! I Don't Blame You!!!

I'm Glad you said "almost"!!  LOL!!!

I Hope this gets straightened out Sadie!!

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