Let's talk about retro make up here :) List your inspiration, tell us your favorite looks, and post your own photos!


Below is Twiggy with "mod make-up"! She has on false upper lashes, drawn on bottom lashes, bright blue eyeshadow, a dark liner in her crease area, and pink lips!

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They are called "Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains" and I like all of the colors,

but the one I use most of all is called "Romantic". It's a basic red. :-)

In addition to the "Eyes on the '60s" Palette... Here comes the '70s and '80s! :D Yayz

Urban Decay has some retro sounding shades :)

"Psychedelic Sister"


Candy O! I Like all of the cosmetics you currently have up for sale on eBay! I've purchased makeup & accessories from you in the past and plan on buying more from you, once I can decide on which lot I want! I noticed on Facebook you mentioned those Mary-Lou, Betty-Lou, and Cindy-Lou Manizers from The Balm. Thanks for tagging me as your 2 partners in crime! LOL! I hope you win that giveaway contest! I recently started selling stuff on eBay too, but I don't like how PayPal holds the funds for about a month. Is it always that way? Or just at first when you're a new seller? I hope it's not always such a long wait! I figured I should ask you since you're an eBay seller and should know. Besides, I've already bothered Beatlebob enough lately with questions! LOL!

P.S. Have you seen this palette yet? It's Limited Edition and I want it! It says "Volume 2"? I wasn't even aware there was a Volume One! Unless they are referring to the one with the pin-up girls that you gave me? It's HOT just like "How Bout Them Apples"! One of the shades is called "Firm". Lmao!!!!!

Hahaha! :) Nude DUDE. And it covers their junk!

I immediately get PayPal payments, and it takes 3-4 days to transfer funds to your bank.

I just bought this from BeatleGirl on eBay!

Nude eyeshadow, California eyeshadow, "Rita" lip balm, and a groovy little bag! Wow!

Were you thinking of me? Sure seems like it! LOL! Thanks bestie! :-)

P.S. What is that white tube thingy below? Is it a mascara or a lipstick? It's so cute!

I wish I could afford to buy all of your cosmetics and help you and your turtle out! :-)

How on earth do you draw that black line above your eyelid like Twiggy? I've no idea how to even accomplish that! Every time I try, it's a painful & disastrous failure...

Candy O said:

SoOoOOO I was wanting that palette so badly, I started playing with my own makeup!


I made a Twiggy-inspired make up referencing the photo in the very first post in this topic.


Ta-da! The bottom lashes are hard to draw on!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 

Annnnnd here is me being silly, looking at the lads in the background.

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