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(I like that song by Harper's Bizarre! LOL!)

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P.S. The video finally worked! YAY!!!
Paul didn't sound as hoarse as I expected. Just a little bit. Awesome performance nonetheless! Hulu Plus has the entire 3 hour SNL 40th anniversary celebration. I plan on watching it later. Even Rick Nelson was on Saturday Night Live a few times. Have you ever seen a funny skit where he keeps on entering the wrong 1950s households and people mistake him for "Fabian"? LOL! Catch up with you soon, Beatlebob! And thanks again for posting all those videos! I'll show you MY song titles collage once I'm done with it too! :-)

You're Welcome for posting the videos!! :-) Glad you liked some of the Ricky Pics in the slideshow ones and the Lyrics in the Let It Bring You Along one too!! :-) I thought the last video "Oh Yeah, I'm In Love" was in Great Quality for an old clip!! Hope you liked that one too!! I Loved those Songs!! They all sounded different from each other, the lyrics were Great, his voice was Great, and the Sound of the music was Great too!! I also, enjoyed the guitar work in the songs!! You may be turning me into a bigger Ricky Fan too!! LOL!  :-)

Yes, I did watch the early episodes of the show when Ricky and his brother were little boys! I agree, Little Ricky was so funny and mischievous as a kid!!! LOL!! ;-) I also, liked the later episodes better too because he performed at the end of almost every show!! I Loved when he performed on the shows!! He was so good looking and he sounded so good! When I was young watching those shows I wished I was him!! LOL! ;-) I Really Enjoyed watching Ozzie & Harriet too!! I'm Sure you could watch them all day, mainly just to see Ricky!!!! LOL!! ;-)

Really?? You seen Ann on Facebook seeing her green dot lit up and seen her commenting on some page? Really!! I wonder why she Still isn't talking to us and being on BAR and Here too?? She really has us confused about this!! And Wondering WHY!?!?? Maybe, she just got bored of BAR and Here and decided to do different things?? I remember when she was away from BAR for a while and eventually returned. Hopefully she WILL return to us Soon!! She Sure has us Wondering Though!!! :-(

Anyway, I Hope you have a Good Weekend My Friend!! Will catch up soon!!!

I'm Glad that the Paul video finally Worked!! GREAT!! :-)
I agree about his voice as I watched that video a few times! YES, an Awesome performance nonetheless!!! That's GREAT that Hulu Plus has the entire 3 hour SNL 40th anniversary celebration!! Hope you enjoy watching it!! :-) Yes, I do remember that funny skit where he keeps on entering the wrong 1950s households and people mistake him for "Fabian"!!! LOL!!! ;-) That was Great!! Yes, Ricky was on SNL a few times! :-) And you're Welcome again for posting all those videos!! :-) I Enjoyed them too!! GREAT!!! I Look Forward to seeing YOUR song titles collage once you're done with it!!! :-)
Have a Good Weekend!! Will Catch Up Soon!! :-)

I Like these two episodes.  ;-)

I have those 2 episodes on DVD! Good ones, indeed! Their fat friend "Wally" always cracks me up! Lmao! It's amazing how Ozzie not only acted in the show, but also wrote, produced, and directed every episode for nearly 15 years! And before that, there was an Ozzie & Harriet radio show and orchestra. Plus they were in alot of movies in the 30s and 40s! Dave was also in movies too, and so was Ricky, who was also a singer, of course. Wow! Bet that family was never bored! LOL! I love The Nelsons! :-) Have you ever seen their movie with Rock Hudson?

That's Right!!! You have their DVD's!! :-) Yes, Good Ones! Yeah, their fat friend Wally cracks me up too!! LOL!! It Sure IS Amazing about ALL the things that Family Did!!!! WOW!!! I'm sure they were never bored!! LOL!! I Love the Nelsons too!! :-) No, I never seen that movie with Rock Hudson??? What's the name of it??

It's called "Here Come The Nelsons" (1952). It's when the boys were still little. I have it on VHS, don't think it's even on DVD. It's a cute movie eventhough it focuses more on Ozzie & Harriet than Ricky and Dave! :-)

Thanks for letting me know! I tried looking for it on YouTube. But, only a very short clip. It's Sounds Nice though!! It's Good you have it on VHS! I didn't see it anywhere on DVD.

I got tickets to see The Beach Boys! It's not til February 2016 though. And in October I'm going to a Q&A session with legendary actress Shirley Maclaine! Any suggestions on what I could ask her if I get a chance to?? :-)

WOW!!! That's Great Sadie!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! :-)
I wouldn't know what to ask her?? But, both Events sound Great!!  :-)

I thought this is kind of Retro!  LOL!  ;-)

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